Friday, May 30, 2008

Fresh Fettuccine

My colleague and I both found ourselves frustrated over the fresh fettuccine from the refrigerated section.

We dropped the bundle into hot boiling water. Whereas other brand of pre-made pasta noodles would gently unfurl and separate, the F&E noodles did not. Okay, unfurling they did, but they didn't separate. There are a few parts that are stuck together and refused to come apart.

I didn't mind too much as I just violently yank them out of the pot. The texture and taste is just fine. Actually, I find them more spongy than other brand and I kind of like that.

My colleague however was sorely disappointed as she kept finding clumps of broken of stuck-together pieces. While the clumps just frustrated me, she absolutely hates that in her pasta.

Verdict: Purgatory

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