Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Self check-out at Ralphs II

We went back to Ralphs and we used the self-check. I encountered some problems because we brought our own bag and somehow that freaked out their machine.

Their technician, probably a Chinese guy, was there calibrating the other machines. He came right over.

"What's the problem?" He was a little abrupt, but I figured that he was a tech guy. People skills sometime are rare.

I told him. He punched in the log in and we continued. The machine did it again.

"What now?" he barked at me.

"Same thing."

In a huff, he punched in the numbers again and walked away.

As we were leaving, I told Brandon that thank GOD I know about cultural differences. That Chinese dude coming on that angry/annoyed to someone else, he's going to get written up for being rude.

The fact that he stood very close to me was especially a dead giveaway that the dude is either a recent immigrant or he just hasn't adjusted.

As an Asian immigrant myself, I know how it is. And when you're from China, your mannerism and customer service skills are of a different set than of, say, Thailand or the U.S.

Ask anyone attended the Olympics in Beijing right now. Heck, read my "cousin" Nick's adventure to get a better picture.

I swear, the more I shop away from the normal chains, the better I see the light.

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