Sunday, September 14, 2008

Party for $20

Actually, less than that.

I wish I wasn't in such a rush that I ran out of F&E on Friday without my receipt.

But just for $16.91 after the $5 coupon is applied, I managed to buy these for a barbecue with my out-of-town friend in Fullerton.
  • Big bottle Tropical Iced Tea
  • Big bottle Limeade
  • A package of Dixie plastic cups
  • 3 bags of Kettle Chips (Jalapeno Cheddar, Hickory Barbecue, and Original salted)
  • Pretzel chips
  • Raspberry Swirl Shortbread
  • Chunky chocolate chip cookies (in a tub, not from the bread aisle)
  • Small bag of Cheetos (to hold me over for the drive over)
We were expecting a lot of people, but it ended up just 4 of us. We took a few swills out of the drinks and dipped into the cookies a little bit.

The only thing of these that got consumed in its entirety is the Jalapeno Cheddar Kettle Chips. Salty and a little bit spicy without being overwhelmingly cheesy or that fake Jalapeno flavor you get sometimes. It was perfect. And even yummier when crushed and sprinkled over your hot dog a la Latin American style. ...oh god. Now I'm craving THAT.

Verdict: Nirvana

The Raspberry Swirl Shortbread was good. VERY buttery andso deliciously crumbly I wouldn't eat this on a couch...or at the office. Delicious buttery crumbs everywhere! It's tasty, however, it doesn't incite the same craving for the next bit like Walker's Shortbread does for me. You know the "I must eat the whole box" feeling. Must be the whole European v.s. American butter thing.

Verdict: Heavenly


TRC said...

Yay okay I thought I was the only one who really loves the Fresh and Easy concept a little too much. But now I don't feel so bad.


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