Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dinner Possible: Fajitas

Dinner for 2-4 in a jiffy, y'all!

Buy one each of the Fajita Marinaded Beef and Chicken. Toss all in a pan and cook according to the instructions. Chunky chicken tenders were totally satisfying and juicy and the beef also in good portion and tender. Brandon is not big on bell peppers so we only used the portion from one package. Mmm...cumin-y goodness! And even better as leftover.

Normally, I would prefer to dress this up a little more with onions and a side of guacamole. But for a quick dinner, this was plenty tasty by itself.

The fact that it's really, SUPER easy to whip up is a major plus.

Verdict: Nirvana

Brandon likes Flour Tortilla and I like Corn Tortilla, so I bought both kinds. Unfortunately, both of them didn't work out very well. Both seem a bit too dry, not pliable. I even heated them up under damp paper towel first. But the flour tortilla wouldn't hold when I wrapped up the meat. The corn one, forget it. It doesn't even bend well before ripping.

Flavor wise, the corn was disappointing. It tasted like cornmeal rolled out into a flat bread. Cardboard is not quite the texture but I think the flavor might be close. I don't know about the flour though but Brandon doesn't have any complain.

Flour Tortilla - Verdict: Earthbound
Corn Tortilla - Verdiect: Hell

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Gridiron Goddess said...

MMMM I am so going over there right now and getting this. I have the best fresh tortillas ever from the local Mexican Market chain- Mariana's. I also prefer flour tortilla.

Chile Marinated Chicken tenders last night were a bust--in that the plastic container MELTED during cooking.