Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fresh & Yummy!

My friends,

Let me tell you about my night...

But first, HI! I'm Amy. Like our High Priestess Oakley, I am obsessed with Fresh & Easy. In fact 95% of what I eat these days comes from my local Fresh & Easy.

So around 9pm I decided I needed a snack and I hopped in the Saab and set out for the Sunset store here in Las Vegas. On my mind: Pro-Berry Crunch yogurt, Vanilla Banana Smoothie and Dark Chocolate Pudding.

All three were out! No yogurt/smoothie/pudding for me!

And this made me giggle in glee for it for sure means my fellow residents of Green Valley NV are embracing the Fresh & Easy lifestyle. I spoke to Marie (I hope I am remembering her name right, if not rest assured Sunset F&E Employees, We Will Be Friends SOOOON) and she said they'd been MOBBED all day.

MOBBED. I giggled. Oh Fresh & Easy, you've won over Green Valley!!!

As I steered my cart through the store I heard one of the other customers talking to another F&E employee.

"It is always such a joy to come in here," he said. "You guys that work here are so much fun."

I smiled and thought Yeah, every experience I've had in this store has been so overwhelmingly positive.

I moved to Las Vegas in February after living in Los Angeles for 20 years. It's been a tough adjustment at times. When I enter my local Fresh & Easy, I am always greeted warmly. 9 times out of 10 I end up in a discussion about something with an employee. It is awesome. F&E makes me feel like I'm a part of a neighborhood in a city that doesn't really have neighborhoods. In Las Vegas, that is no easy feat. Yet what I've experienced each time I've been in my local F&E is a sense of community.

Fresh &Easy: Your Neighborhood Market. Rock on.

Up next from me: A recap of my morning at the Grand Opening of the new Las Vegas Fresh & Easy at 10 N. Eastern, the recipie I made tonight using only F&E products, and some product reviews.

And first thing in the morning I'll be back at my Fresh & Easy getting my Pro-Berry Crunch Yogurt and Vanilla Banana Smoothie. YUM!

Yours in the Fresh & Easy,

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