Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breaking News: F&E coming to Cypress

I've heard it first through the grapevines that an F&E store is coming to my corner of town at Ball and Walker in neighboring Cypress.

Then F&E confirmed it with me today although they have no estimate opening date.

You've read it here first, folks. Fresh & Easy is coming to Cypress!

I'm so excited. Usually, I'm the last to know. :)

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Cypress store is not closer to me than Spring Street location. As a matter of fact, it is just about the same distance from my house to either location. However, it would be nice to shop in the same county.

Also, now I can really ride my bike to the store. To get to the Spring location, I have to ride over not one but TWO overpasses. One over the LA River and one over the 605. It was a heck of a ride for a loaded beach cruiser, I tell you. At least the Cypress location, have to ride over LA River.

Sooooo excited!

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