Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Fix

I have to admit, F&E really can't give me everything I need for my holiday meals.

For example, I made roasted beef tenderloin on Christmas Day. I didn't get from F&E. I did see some on Christmas Eve, but, of course, being F&E, it was smaller portion. And frankly, there was a few that didn't look too good.

However, all sorts of other things from F&E worked out beautifully.

Last weekend, I made a version of Sgroppino, an Italian cocktail. A few little scoops of Pomegranate Blueberry or Lemon sorbet in a cup with a splash of vodka topped with lovely prosecco. I wish I had 2 pints of the Pom-Blueberry. Those puppies were extremely popular at my friend's Christmas brunch.

Over Christmas Eve, a bottle of Big Kahuna is a perfect gag gift for my friend's brother who works at Trader Joe's. Haha!

Then, Christmas Day with my aunt's family. The appetizers I picked out work fabulously. The fresh olive tapanade. The little balls of mozzarella. A tub of marinated roasted tomatoes. Variety box of crackers.

My uncle liked the heat-and-eat herbed and breadcrumbed chicken I fried up for him, the only non-red meat eater at the party. Well, technically, my aunt watched that pan so she was the one frying it up. Haha.

F&E balsamic vinegar glazed my brussel sprouts and pearl onions, flavored with F&E center cut bacon, my staple.

We topped off the evening with homemade brownies my friend brought over a la mode, with "mode" being the roasted banana gelato. (As a matter of fact, I just had some of that right now!)

The "Recovery Weekend" also aided by F&E yumminess. Brandon has discovered the chicken teriyaki bowl to be his new favorite. I fell in love with the peach ginger tea and even the Yogi Tea I picked up from the store.

It's all the little things, my friends, that rounds out the holiday. All the little things.

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