Thursday, October 1, 2009

Most Expensive Cobb Salad

Last week, I craved a Cobb salad. I already had bacon and eggs at home and a leftover roasted chicken that needed to be dealt with. So I thought I'd run into F&E to get a bag of salad and a hunk of blue cheese and head on home.

I ended up with...
  • A bag of salad
  • A block of blue cheese...although took me a while to pick between regular blue and gorgonzola...
  • F&E string cheese
  • Peaches...that were on sale
  • Bananas from the hammock (snort...giggle...yeah, I'm a 13 year old boy inside)
  • A 6-pack of national brand yogurt, betraying my usual Greek variety because Brandon likes peach yogurt.
  • Milk
  • A small bottle of Moroccan Mint tea
  • A box of Yogi Tea
  • F&E Baby Breathe Easy bubble bath...which was 1 cent per oz. cheaper than national brand.
  • A bottle of F&E lemon dish soap...which by the way, oddly enough, has a gingery end to the smell. Oh, and once again, similar to the old orange juice bottle, the plastic here is a little soft. I simply grab the bottle and out squirt the soap for the first several uses. Product design folks, please take note. Thank you.
  • And something else I don't recall now.
Total bill was about $25.

Yep. The most expensive Cobb salad ever.

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