Monday, March 15, 2010

No Guinness for you

Naturally, I ran into F&E today to pick up all of my St. Patrick's Day party need: components for the Guinness beef stew and for Guinness Chocolate Cake. I rounded the corner to get the Guinness and ...

...the shelf was empty.

At $4.99, rightfully so, I thought. Either way, I grabbed a 6-pack of Hornsby Hard Cider and went to check out.

F&E team member came to check my ID.

"How dare you run out of Guinness!" I jokingly exasperated.

"Um. That's my fault," he said.

"Are you guys going to restock tomorrow?"

"We're out out."


"We thought we ordered enough, but they were selling like crazy."

"Well, at this price, I'm not surprised."

"And I also bought a lot of it. I'm REALLY sorry."

I mean, if you ask someone at some other stores, they'd probably either don't know why they're out or blame somebody for it.

Not at my F&E.

Not only staff actually admit that they've understocked a popular seasonal product, but they confessed to out-buying your beer. LOL.

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