Saturday, June 7, 2008

Single Serving

My husband has been out of town all week. I finally ran out of leftover to eat for dinner yesterday, so I headed out to F&E to pick up stuff for dinner for just little ol' me.

I wanted make this rib eye with fried egg and goat cheese thing and I KNEW that F&E carries single rib eye. Almost a full pound of rib eye which I ambitiously cooked up but could only eat half.

While I was shopping in there, however, I realized how awesome the store is for singles and a two-person household.

A lot of the products are packaged in smaller sizes which is absolutely perfect for two like the bagged salads and the fresh veggies. Many of the refrigerated entrees and desserts are definitely sized for one person. I also noticed the pre-chopped veggies by the vegetarian product corner that would work to cook for two.

The smaller portions for things is one of my husband's favorite things about the store. We tend to eat out more than we do in. (He eats according to what sounds good.) Having the smaller packages of produce, we don't really have any unused portion to waste.

Say, like last night, I could have cooked for the both of us with what I bought with no leftover. We would split the 1-lb. of rib eye and a bag of the spring mix salad.

But for the Chocolate Mousse Dessert [Review to follow...eventually], there is no way I'd split that. ;-D


Fresh & Easy Buzz said...

fyi...have a piece on your product reviews posted on Fresh & Easy Buzz. It's currently at or near the top of the blog.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog on Fresh and Easy. I'm glad I'm not alone in my near-fanatical love for this store. It is indeed great for single person households, even for *ahem* old people, as long as they don't mind the self-checkout.

I like to use the 50% off as a way to test items I haven't tried before.

Two that I've added to my favorites list are the Butternut Squash soup and the smoked trout.

I like the soup cold (especially in the heat wave). The fish makes a nice change from lox and is a bit lower in sodium per serving.