Friday, August 22, 2008

Muhammed in the House

Muhammed El-Hasan from the Torrance Daily Breeze is currently in my home office. Right now!



Yes, folks. I am being photographed at the moment. Please excuse my spelling because I'm blinded temporarily from the flash.

(Well, it's been a few minutes since I wrote that now...)

I've been interviewed for the Daily Breeze business blog, Southbay Biz Waves. It would probably be published in a week or so.

Muhammed is interested to hear about why I started the Temple. Why do I blog? Kind of thing. I think it still amazes people that I seem to go out of my way to promote a store and not getting anything in return.

What did I tell him? Well you have to find out next week now, won't cha?


SallieB said...

I LOVE how you have Death's blade in the background of the picture.

(is that in case the interview didn't go well?)

Anonymous said...

I read the article this morning and had to check out your Blog. I work at Fresh & Easy. :)