Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frozen Chicken Meshani

I should've picked up on the fact that the packaging for the F&E frozen entree is huge. I mean, it doesn't fit into my good size lunch bag should've totally given it away. Then I found myself noticing the weight of the lunch I was carrying would've also been a good clue.

One of these suckers an easily feed a hungry man.

F&E frozen entrees are not those puny little things that you need to eat one and a half or two to really be satisfied.

It's not just big. It's also tasty!

The chicken meshani is delicious. The chicken tastes like chicken and super tender. Potatoes and green peas taste AND look fresh. And the rice actually cooks up moist instead of the usual somewhat crunchy and dry in other frozen meals.

The curry is so fragrant my coworker said he could smell it out in the elevator lobby, one door over. Not only does the meshani smells good, it tastes awesome. It has just enough spice to keep it Indian. My coworker Erin, a lover of Indian food, also approves of this entree.

Next time on the lunch menu: Shahi Paneer.

Verdict: Heavenly


Anonymous said...

It is my favorite too.

The next thing I think you should try is the Banana Gelato!


OakMonster said...

Actually, I have that in the freezer and is the item I'm going to write about next.

Thanks for the suggestion! Keep 'em coming!