Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dinner Possible: Red, White and Blue Cheese Platter

Soon after I returned to my office from yesterday's shindig, my CFO sprung on me.

"Hey, how about we all bring in some snacks tomorrow to kick of the 4th of July weekend?"

Less than 24-hour notice for a voluntary potluck? Sure, I can pull this off.

I actually went into my F&E (Long Beach on Willow) to pick up the Veggie Party Tray with the Southwest dipping sauce and fingerling potatoes, but apparently my store doesn't carry that any more, just the ranch. What a shame. That dipping sauce is killer.

Thank god for F&E fabulous cheese aisle. I managed to throw stuff together for the Red, White and Blue Cheese Platter.


Red: Dutch Gouda, Grape Tomatoes, Apples, Seedless Red Grapes
White: English Farmhouse Cheddar
Blue: White Stilton with Blueberries, Fresh Blueberries
Accompanied by Stone Ground Wheat Crackers.

I stepped into the store at 8:45 and found many spots on the shelves empty. Thankfully, I still have some grape tomatoes left from the other day. The big bags of pre-cut apples (awesome idea, kids) were also out, so I just picked up a 4-pack of Fuji apples.


And voila. The finished platter.


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Shelly said...

Beautiful platter! Thanks for the comment on my Fresh n' Easy blogpost. I love going there!