Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh please

I was checking out my basket full of stuff at F&E when I spotted these 2 confused shoppers forming a line behind me.

"Those stations are open, you know," I looked up and pointed at the 4 open smaller checkout stations. They just had that blank look on their faces.

When I was done with my stuff, I needed clearance for my alcohol purchase. I turned to look for an F&E staff. Usually, they would be right there, but apparently our guy was elsewhere in the store. I asked a lady who was stocking up to help me.

When I was stepping away to fetch her, the same two guys took a small step toward me, as if they were going to hand me their items to check out...but didn't.

After the lady cleared me, she addressed the two gentlemen, still waiting behind me in an imaginary line.

"We do self check out here, sir, " she said. "But I can help you if you'd like."

They just kind of shoved their three items and her. "Yeah. Here."

Three items. THREE frelling items, people. How hard is that to do for yourself?

Usually, it's the older shoppers who have problems with that, but these guys are young. And seriously, if you can work your cellphone, checking out your own grocery shouldn't be that hard.

Have American consumers become so lazy and/or snooty about checking out and bagging their own groceries?

I lost faith in humanity for second there.

But then in the station behind me was a mom with a toddler who was checking out and bagging AND holding on to her little boy all at the same time. While she was scanning her stuff, her little boy at the end of the station was on his tippy toes so he could see over the counter, his little hands grabbing at whatever rolled off the conveyor belt.

"Mommy," he looked over at her. "I want to help."

All faith in humanity restored.

Oh, and as for the staff who was supposed to be in front, he came running back after a few seconds and helped me bag my groceries without even asking if I needed help.

And then he gave me and the little boy a coupon for next time.

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About this blog: said...

I think some people think they are "too good" to scan their own groceries. Wouldn't it be nice if all grocery stores just stopped helping people scan and those people who were "too good" starved to death...Ha!

BTW - I <3 Fresh and Easy, buy 95% of my groceries there now, and my 3 and 5 year old children demand to scan every item at the check out!


p.s. cool blog..