Sunday, July 27, 2008

Self check-out at Ralphs

As much as I love F&E, certain things I still have to go to the other stores for. For example, my beloved probiotics drink Yakult is only available at Ralphs down the street, and ditto the Heath bar baking chips.

I forgot that I had the canvas bag in the car, so I headed out of the store, leaving Brandon to stand in line behind this lady with the counter full of stuff. Other lines weren't so much better and there was no express line.

On my way out, I just now noticed the 4 self check-out stations there.

Oh well, duh. That's why there was not 15-or-less line any more.

Somebody is taking the lessons from F&E it seems.

ETA 08/22/08: To answer F&EBuzz comment: That was at my local Ralphs in Seal Beach. There were only plastic bags that I noticed.

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freshneasybuzz said...

Is that the Ralphs Fresh Fare in Manhattan Beach Oakmonster?

If so, they now have paper grocery bags along with plastic at the four self-service checkouts.

Before, they just had plastic at the self-service checkouts, and paper and plastic both at the full-service checkouts in the store. They have both full and self service options.

But they've now added the paper to the self-service checkouts as well, likely becuase of the new plastic bag ban law that's passed in Manhattan Beach. It will go into law in December.

If its not the one in MB, did you notice if that Ralphs had paper as well as plastic bags at the self-serve checkouts?