Saturday, August 9, 2008

European shopping

It's been said somewhere before that F&E provides what can be called as a European grocery shopping experience.

You shop for a few items, pretty much as much as you can carry and walk half the town to get home. You visit the store/market a few times a week, buying only a few things to make whatever you're making for dinner that night.

CLo has been doing that with her F&E because it's so close to her, less than a mile drive. As for me, now I can do the same. On my brand new bike. :)

Townie fully loaded

Whatever I could fit in the box is what I can buy. (Click on that and you'll go to my Flickr album where I put notes on what's all is in the bucket.)


Speaking of small portion, I have also got the explanation for the downsizing of the fresh salad dressing. Just as I suspected, the consumers' feedback came to F&E that they could never use up the whole big bottle in time. Being without any preservatives, you have to consume that big ol' bottle in a few days and unless 4 people are eating salad at every meal, it's an impossible feat. To cut down on the wastefulness of the big bottle, voila, smaller version.

Just another way F&E shows that they listen to your feedback! So yes, email them through their site. Tell someone at the store. Or leave a comment here on our blog which is being read by F&E folks. (/wave...hi guys!)

Another Dinner Possible blog coming soon. The cheapest meal plan yet!

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Anonymous said...

I like the blog --- like the bike too! I also shop by bicycle; one basket's worth at my local Tesco Metro, which seems to be equivalent to F&E, can be fitted in my panniers. So when the basket's full, it's time to check out.

BTW, thanks for passing on the Jamie Oliver tip about making meatballs from sausages. Like most of Jamie's ideas, it works a treat.