Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music and passion

F&E is now on Twitter. And that's where I have been getting some fresh information lately (like the grill pack going on sale and such.)

@Fresh_and_Easy broadcast a message today about the new concert series they will start up at the Hollywood branch. Free live acoustic music each Thursday night at 7PM in September.

Doesn't that sound just like Hollywood to you?

Down here at the Spring street store, I don't know if they would need a concert series to bring in customers because at 6 p.m. today, the store was PACKED!

As in, I actually was in line for about 15 seconds. *Gasp*

I was looking around for an empty station but there was none so I settled in behind this lady who actually needed help checking out her few flats of bottled water. The F&E staff rushed over to me to help me with my heavy basket and pointed out the station where someone was just leaving. He also gave me a handful of coupons.

Obviously, my "buy what I can carry" strategies didn't work today as I loaded up on fruits, juices, and puddings.

Oh yes, the great pudding reviews are on the way!

Speaking of review, I must break it to you yet another Hell rating.

The grab-and-go Tangerine Chicken and Rice was horrible. I'm sure someone might like this more than I did, but this is actually the first F&E product I had to throw away after a few bites. (Well, that and the one time I accidentally picked up a sugar-free French Vanilla pudding. I HATE artificial sweetner so that didn't go past one bite.)

The chicken is moist and the rice is soft for being a grab-and-go. However that tangerine sauce tasted like, well, tangerine syrup. All sweet and not enough savory. The flavors just refuse to come together, resulting in a confusion on my palettes. Unless that's changed, I don't know if this dish can be saved, personally. That is the #1 ick for me.

Ick #2 is that, much like the rug on the Dude's floor, the sauce is supposed to tie the bowl together. But since the chicken wasn't simmered in this sauce, it's just cooked chicken, veggies and rice topped with the sauce. And STILL the whole thing wouldn't come together. When I took a bite out of the chicken, I don't taste the flavor of something cooked in tangerine sauce, but a sad piece of chicken breast steamed all by its lonesome with minimal seasoning.

Verdict: Hell

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