Friday, September 5, 2008

Ricey Redemption

Wednesday night, we went to dinner with my friends James and Aurora and baby Dresden at their favorite Indian restaurant, Ashoka the Great, in Artesia. Everything was delicious.

I thought it might be a bit unfair to be eating F&E Chicken Masala and Basmati Rice Bowl for lunch the day after I feasted at an authentic Indian restaurant. But it was the only lunch I had to take to work and so I had to eat it.

And to my surprise, I did enjoy it. As a matter of fact, I like it a lot.

The sauce may not be the same as the chicken tikka masala at Ashoka, but it wasn't bad at all for a grab-and-go. Not quite as spicy, as in with a lot of spices, and a little bit sweeter, but it was yummy. Also, unlike the bland chicken of the tangerine atrocity, the chicken pieces in the Masala actually has spices on them. The pieces can be eaten without the sauce and it wasn't bad.

Much like the frozen Indian entrees, F&E brings their British expertise in Indian food to just the right place, resulting in an edible, almost cravable rice bowl.

Verdict: Heavenly

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