Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're not alone

Our friend at F&E Buzz has posted a link to Fresh & Easy Review.

Friends and shoppers, as it turns out, there is someone else out there reviewing F&E products just like us here at the Temple!

While the Temple is slow going and slightly bias--because I'm so gosh darn obsessed with the store and because I still have to go 3 miles to mine and still I haven't been cooking as much recently--F&E Review seems to be cranking out reviews at a much faster pace.

However, I was told, they didn't have as much "personality" as the Temple. Hehee. ;-)

Just two different flavors of fun, folks.

One that note, Twitter @fresh_and_easy alerted me yesterday to this week's special deal. Now F&E actually has a page that features the deals, not just the ideas. Sweet!

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Carlitos said...

Hey There! I wanted to ask if it would be ok to post some of your food reviews on my site, i would not be claiming them my own, and I would be linking it back to your blog with full credit! Just wanted to check with you, feel free to say no, its perfectly fine. :-) Thank You! :-) Im goign to try to link to various sites where reviews have been posted just so that is more variety, and people will be able to find a wider array of reviews sooner if they are all easy to be found in one place, rather than having to search the internet high and low...since it will probably take a while, and more time for me to go through alot of the products :-) Thank You Again!