Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Review: Orange Chicken and Jasmine Rice


Let me tell you about my latest obsession: F&E's Orange Chicken and Jasmine Rice. It's in the grab and go section in the back of the store.

My one issue is that there are only 4 chunks of breaded orange chicken in the bowl that states it serves 2. If it's going to serve 2, it needs 10 pieces. For one, at least 5 pieces to go with all that rice and veggies. However, the sauce is heavenly and the rice is just the right amount of sticky to make eating with chopsticks a possiblilty.

I am not a huge fan of microwaved chicken and in the two times I've eaten this in the past 2 days -- once the chicken was delicious, once it was microwavey. I suspect this is due to the length of time it cooked.

This dish falls just short of a Heavenly rating for me, even though I love love love it. It is still a dish I am likely to go back to time and time and time again.

Verdict: Earthbound


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