Monday, October 13, 2008

OMGBBQ F&E Online Coupon is back

I know that I just kind of leave the Coupon link on the side bar over there even when the coupon is past deadline. That's because I'm lazy like that. Haha!

But don't you worry, I will catch you up on when it returns.

Like NOW! $6 off $30 purchase - Expires October 19.

This is the second attempt on the online coupon for F&E. The last one, I must say that for $1 off $20 purchase, it almost wasn't worth printing out. At 20% off, $6 out of $30 is still better than that.

However, I do miss the $5 out of $20 coupon. There are some rumors going around over at F&E Buzz that F&E might is slowly phasing those out to favor the ones you get in the mail.

We do not receive any F&E mailer in my Los Alamitos neighborhood. The only coupons I've been using so far were given to me at the store. I usually get them when I requested help from a staff member up in the front i.e. check ID for alcohol, coupon got stuck, or when I buy a cartfull or when a staff member offered to help with bagging. It doesn't work all the time, but once in a while I got lucky with the coupons. :)

My friends in Lakewood and Long Beach do get thein the mail and they do use them on regular basis. That makes me a little jealous.

ETA: Just came back from my store. Once again, I should've grabbed a cart and extra canvas bag. I lugged my basket to the station and ran back to get the eggs. Timing is everything so by the time I was bagging the last thing, the ever friendly F&E staff came over to offer assistance. Since he couldn't help in time, he offered me a coupon..."Actually, here! Have a few more"...make that 3 coupons.

This, my friend, is how I usually end up with my coupons. Damsel in distress seems to work. LOL!

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Danica said...

Would you text yourself a coupon if avaliable, and then enter the code at the check out?