Sunday, November 2, 2008

Echoing Oakley's last post...

I am also sorry for the lack of updates. The truth of the matter is I've been in a food rut. F&E Traditional Olive Tapenade, F&E Feta Cheese, F&E Ciabatta sandwich rolls and F&E Sliced Turkey Breast.

For Every Meal. lol

What can I say, I became OBSESSED with the strength of the flavors in that sandwich.

As of today though, I am over it.

Which for you means that I'll be at F&E tomorrow shopping for new and different culinary delights. Reviews and recipies to follow my pretties!

I do want to send out a BIG FAT THANK YOU to Fresh & Easy for having my elixir of the gods, my lifeforce, my joy in a can, my Diet Coke for only $2.25 per 6 pack. That is literally saving my unemployed butt right now.


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