Wednesday, November 5, 2008

F&E "Dumpster Dive"

That's what I call it when I head directly to the "Half prized everything because it expires tomorrow" corner of the refrigerated area.

You would be surprise the awesome deals you get out of the "throwaways". No wonder some people are freegans. Most items still look pretty darn good. Some do look a little questionable.

Anyways, I made a stop there last night and scored me last night's dessert and today's breakfast and lunch. I could have gotten dinner out of that too, but Brandon already got us dinner.
  • Tres Leches Cake : I don't remember what regular price was : Paid $2.15. (Oh, and by the way, Heavenly!)
  • Exotic fruit salad : Regular $4.29 : Paid $2.40. 56% discount.
  • Chicken Cacciatore for 2 : Regular $4.79 : Paid $2.15. 45% discount.
Not too bad, eh?


Amy Lamare said...

That's the first place I go too. I find am willing to try out things on sale that maybe I wouldn't at full price.

Had the mixed green salad with chicken w herbs again tonight. LOL

Food Rut.

Mama2Matthew said...

I am a Fresh and Easy, or as my 5 yr old calls it "the tick tock store (notice their logo!) FREAK!
Anyway, back on point, I am talking about them so much to my "mommy friends" that one of them asked the other day if F&E pays me to be word of mouth marketing. I laughed and told her to go check it out. I also told the coupons in the weekly mail and how to find the markdown items!

I was talking to one of my favorites employees at my local store and she mentioned your blog. I had to come find it and I am loving what you do here!

May I suggest if you like spicy which is sounds like you are apt to.. try the Chipotle Salmon Burgers. This is one of my weekly "MUST HAVE" items with a salad. A great tasting meal for 2. I have yet to eat it with a bun, just by itself. Check it out!

You are on target about their cheese. I often prepare meals for others and I am always being asked what kind of mozarella and parmasean did I use. The quality is so much higher!
I could go on and on but I will just enjoy watching your adverntures with one of my favorite places.
Oh and the self checkout.. love it! My 5 yr old loves to ring things up himself and this is a highlight of the trip for him. My future F&E employee in training.. at least while he goes to school! Wonder if they hire 5 yr olds? ;)

OakMonster said...

Hello there Patty! Thanks for stopping by!

I've been eyeing at that chipotle salmon burger for a while now, waiting for my hubby to go out of town so I can cook it for myself. Iodine is a migraine trigger for him plus he doesn't like strong tasting fish. :)

mama2matthew said...

Oh try it.. but make sure they are the burgers. The patties are not so good. The salmon is not as "fishy" as you would think.

Thanks for having a great little place that highlights the little corner store!

Amy Lamare said...

Hi Patty!
I wish they made the chipolte salmon burger with something other than salmon since I am allergic! Oh well, Oakley will have to be the Temple's taste tester for that!