Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review: Pinot Evil & Barefoot Champagne

Oh you guys! On New Year's Eve I went to Fresh & Easy for wine, champagne and the F&E cheese plate.

Have you tried the cheese plate? It is in the refrigerator case in the front of the store with the sandwiches and salads. It is just under $5 and has a little slice of brie, some cheddar cubes, some swiss (I think) slices, red grapes, apple slices and dried apricots. It has become one of my favorite snacks.

I picked up a bottle of Barefoot Champagne for around $6. This champagne was really good. Better than many champagnes priced far higher.

I was wandering the wine aisle thinking "what can I get that is good but also kind to my wallet?"

When what to my wandering eye should I spy but:

Pinot Evil! With the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys on it. How could I resist buying this? I couldn't. Especially since it was only $4.99.

Pinot Evil! The BEST NAME EVER.

Pinot Evil, Barefoot Champagne and F&E Cheese plate: Heavenly

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