Monday, October 26, 2009

I want you back

I apologize to the congregation of my long absence. Thrill the World has finally come to a close, officially, although I have to lead another mini team of zombies to dance at Halloween on Pine once more before we can call the whole thing quit.

The big team, over 100 zombies, are going to perform at the Clippers half-time show on the same night. I'm sticking with my hometown(ish) because I'm cool like that. Besides, I just made some money for Inner-City Arts for not being up at Staples Center. So yey, me.

Anyway. I have wanted to blog about F&E new moves since that visit to the Holy Land.

Things were taken off the shelves to be replaced with something else to see how they would go, Simon had said. Some of us hardcore fans are looking around the store, hoping that some day our favorite stuff would return to the shelves.

For me, I miss the Belgian Chocolate Mousse like it's nobody's business. Sure, it'll take me 2 days to finish just that little cup of heaven--so rich!--but I do love my mousse. From that same dessert case, I also miss the F&E brand cupcakes. I'm not fond of this new bakery they're getting their stuff from. So much frosting!

I also miss getting the whole chicken, but I also understand why that went off the shelf.

Now, let me open the floor to you guys. What are you missing at your F&E since store reorganization?


Tom said...

F&E Brand Ready-to-bake cookies and Organic Iced Tea with Lemonade!

Anonymous said...

Dired apricots!

Anonymous said...
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