Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Under $10

I haven't been grocery shopping in AGES. With, first, Thrill the World, then my work's Big Gala, I barely had time to eat, let along to cook. The last time I was at the store, we were stocking up before Brandon had his nose surgery, so that he'd have something ready to eat while he stayed home.

Naturally, I didn't think I'd be updating the Temple until I get back from Thailand at the end of November.


I came home yesterday to two big boxes from Fresh & Easy. There were in it.


Namely, Cranberry & Nut Popcorn Clusters ($4.99), Sweet Boutique Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Collection ($7.99), Sweet Boutique Gourmet Swiss Chocolate Assortment ($7.99), Ogio Prosecco Non-vintage ($8.99), the Vine Yard Cabernet Franc 2007 ($7.99), and ChocChoc Mint Thins ($1.99).

According to the note included, "a few items from our new chocolate lines that recently launched on November 11 along with a couple bottles of our award-winning wines."

Well...I am totally surprised!

So...a few items came out of my suitcases and in went the minimum melting potential items of the biscuits and popcorn. The chocolatey stuff doesn't do well in the average temperature of 85F. Heh.

The bubbly? That'll come in handy when I get back. :)

So, thanks F&E for an early Christmas present!

Y'all take great care over Thanksgiving and have tons of turkey and stuffing for me. (We don't do turkey in the Big Mango.) I'll see you in December!


Annette said...

You beat me to the posting. But I am eating the choco-mints .... addicting.

Brittney Schiff said...

Gah I'm so jealous that you got all those goodies!! I have a F&E blog as well. Certainly not as fancy as yours, but I'm new to blogging, so I do my best! :)