Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Definitely a Wiener

My apartment "complex" has 8 units with a rental house in the middle. Recently 3 new families moved in. And since we haven't really MET anyone in the complex even though some of us have lived here 4 or more years, I thought I'd throw a "Meet your neighbors" potluck.

The neighbor in the house rolled his beast of grill out to the parking lot, and I supplied the main course.

Hot dogs. More specifically, F&E Angus Beef Franks. As always, no artificial flavors or colors. AND it's gluten-free!

On F&E buns. Accompanied by F&E Organic Ketchup and Mustard I got from the summer care package. A non-F&E relish got thrown in there for kicks.

The dogs were a major hit. They were delicious. Off the grill, the skin crisps up just right and the meat tastes great. You know, nice and meaty as hot dogs with no fillers should taste.

Angus Beef Franks: Verdict: Nirvana

F&E also sent me 4 cartons of the new fruit candies (aka fruit gummies). So cute that these come in the shape of F&E clock logo!

@fresh_and_easy sent me 4 tubs of fruity love. Thanks! on Twitpic

There were Soft Fruit Candies, Sour Fruit Candies, Super Fruit Candies with Vitamin C, and Chewy Black Licorice.

Unfortunately for me, braces and gummy just don't go well together. And I don't care for black licorice.

So I gave the black licorice one away and the receiver ate 3 right off the bat. The Super Fruit and the Soour Fruit I took to work and they were gone in a matter of minutes as the word spread across our office.

I was going to bring my last tub, the Soft Fruit, down for the party, but I'd rather enjoy watching the office feeding frenzy. ;-)

Fruit Chews: Verdict: Nirvana

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