Monday, September 13, 2010

Creamy Coconut Chicken

I'd include a picture, but I was hungry and it was lunchtime. I've been eating more Fresh and Easy products in an effort to lose weight. I'm not the only one in the house that does the food shopping,but it is widely known that I love F&E products.

The chicken looks and smells delicious, however there was a LOT of rice (I'd prefer more protein, but that would probably drive the price up), which is filling, but ultimately there wasn't enough sauce to cover it.

The meal is described as "marinated chicken breast on basmati rice topped with a creamy coconut sauce and sliced almonds" and comes in one of the new-ish microwave steamer bowls. Since I was heating from frozen, I did 4 minutes. Next time I'll opt for 3:30 since the chicken seemed a little dry. Serving size is 337g (1 container). Unlike the Eat Well line, it wasn't under-salted ... in fact, sodium is 1080mg (no wonder I was thirsty!).

I was left with maybe 1/2 serving of rice which seemed dry and unappetizing after eating everything under the chicken. If you're going to have a meal with a sauce, please include enough sauce to cover the rice.

Verdict: Earthbound.

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justine said...

for some reason I can't post on your other blog ... but I wanted to say thanks for visiting for ICLW! I think I picked up your five pounds myself this week. ;) Congratulations! (And just for the record, the best cookies are NEVER round. They have character.) I used to live in L.A. ... though I haven't been back in about 12 years, it's nice to read your blog and remember being there! I miss Sweet Lady Jane in West Hollywood ... is that place still there? (Of course, not exactly conducive to healthy diet...)