Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dinner Possible: Tofu and Butternut Squash "Stew"

I eat meatless on Tuesday. Not the strictest of lactovegetarian sense (no meat, no eggs, okay dairy), I occasionally let some by products of meat or eggs slip through. For the longest time, I kept forgetting about eggs in baked goods and dessert. And recently, I just learned to read the labels to make sure certain meatless products are actually vegetarian.

A little hitch there with F&E Burgundy Simmer Sauce. (Verdict: Nirvana) I came home to find the sauce is made out of beef broth. Oh well. Too late to turn this boat around.

And the simmer sauce is super duper delicious. Beefy and mushroomy, the sauce tastes very close to the from-scratch red wine based stew sauce. If Brandon said "wow" to this, it's a very good thing.

So, the plan for the vegetarian "stew" was out the window. But hey, it was still pretty hefty for being a meatless dish. Of course, you can substitute the tofu for any meat of your choice. I highly recommended just a little under a pound of cubed beef sirloin.

And I know, I didn't take a picture of it again. But it's such a perfect fall easy dinner dish I must share right away! I hope you forgive me.

Now, on to the recipe.

Easy Tofu and Butternut Squash "Stew" (Meatless, NOT vegetarian!)
  • 1 package of Wildwood SUPER FIRM tofu in a vacuum pack, not in the container with water (or 1 lb. top sirloin if you're using meat)
  • 1 TBS of butter
  • 1 bag F&E pre-cut Butternut Squash -- keep it in the bag!
  • 1 jar F&E Burgundy Simmer Sauce -- has beef broth!
  • Fresh Italian parsley, chopped for garnish

1. Cut your tofu/steak into 1/2 inch cubes. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

2. Heat your skillet on medium-high heat. Add butter. Once melted, brown tofu/beef cubes on all sides.

2. Meanwhile, put the unopened bag of butternut squash in the microwave according to steamer instruction on the package. (I believe it said to cook for 3 minutes and let set for 30 seconds. I found mine undercooked, so I'd say go for 4 minutes.) Set aside.

3. Once all the tofu/beef cubes are browned, add the butternut squash and saute for a minute.

4. Pour simmer sauce into the skillet. Stir to coat. Bring to bubble then turn the heat to low. Put a lid on and let simmer for 5 minutes.

5. Sprinkle on parsley. Serve with crusty bread or on a bed of rice or noodles.

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