Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 5-Meal Plan

My BFF has invited myself and my hubby up to her family's cabin in Big Bear for the weekend. Since I'm currently unemployed, I was put in charge of the galley. Where else would I go if not F&E for the Memorial Day weekend awesomeness.

So I bought all F&E brand of...
  • Mixed grill pack--the 4 lbs. total of 4 beef patties, 4 mild Italian sausages, 4 each chili-lime marinaded chicken thighs and wings--is on sale for $6.99. Best. Value. EVER!
  • Butter-basted sliced turkey breast
  • Cheddar cheese slices (12 oz)
  • Vegetable and dip tray
  • Arugula
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • 2 bags of Microwave-able Spanish rice.
  • Chile Verde simmer sauce
  • 1 bag each of fresh Snickerdoodles and Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Hamburger buns (8 buns)
  • Red potato salad
  • Strawberries
  • Apricots
  • Eggs
My total bill was $56.02. If I had remembered to take my $10 off $50 purchase coupon, that would've been $46. But yeah, I'm silly that way. *sigh*

I'm also bringing stuff I already have at home: half a carton of milk, a stick of butter, spices and condiments. So, let's round that total up to $60/$50 with coupon.

This set of grocery will make 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 2 dinners with desserts and snacks for 3 hungry people for $20/$16.67 with coupon per person, or feed 4 for $15/$12.50 with coupon.

Five meals for $12.50-$20 per person? Epic win!

How will that work? Here's my plan.


I separate the Mixed Grill Pack into separate zip top bags. I put the sausage and patties in the fridge, and the chicken in the freezer. All of my cold stuff will go in the cooler with the frozen chicken in the bottom with the ice to make sure it keeps cold during transit. Chicken will thaw out beautifully in the fridge the next day.

We are leaving after lunch so by the time we get to the cabin, we'd want quick, easy, and satisfying dinner. And that's my starting point.

Friday dinner

Cheeseburger with grilled onion and red potato salad--a double for Brandon. Cookies for dessert. Tomato slices on the side. (Brandon doesn't like fresh tomatoes.)

Saturday breakfast

Breakfast scramble: eggs, Italian sausage, red onion. Fruit for dessert.

Saturday lunch

Turkey sandwich (using hamburger buns) with cheese and arugula. Tomato slices on the side. Veggie tray. Potato salad if there was any left. Cookies/fruit for dessert.

Saturday snack

Veggie tray. Cookies. Fruit. Your pick!

Saturday dinner

Chicken braised in chile verde sauce. (The existing flavor profile of the marinade should go well with the simmer sauce.) A side of Spanish rice and arugula salad with basic oil & balsamic dressing. Cookies/fruit for dessert. While the chicken is braising, I can do a little tomato confit with either cherry tomatoes in the veggie tray or whatever is left of the vine-ripen tomatoes.

Sunday breakfast

Breakfast sandwiches (2 open-face ones and one with lid) with turkey, cheese, and fried/scrambled eggs with tomato confit. OR 2-egg omelet filled with turkey, cheese, and tomato confit...with toasted buns on the side. Fruit for dessert.

Ride Home Nibbles

We may have fruit, veggies, and cookies left to nibble on.

I hope that gives you some good idea to pack for your trip!

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MazingAmy said...

YUM!! I am going to several BYOM (bring your own meat) BBQs this weekend. Planning on picking up a grill pack for them!

Have a great time in Big Bear!!!