Monday, June 20, 2011

Mousse You Much

(Thanks F&E for the photos!)

I was picking up a few tubs of Milk Chocolate Pudding for Brandon (he doesn't like dark) when I spotted them on the top shelf.

Little bitty tubs of F&E dessert mousses: chocolate flavored, strawberry, key lime, and vanilla.

So I grabbed chocolate for Brandon. The man LOVES chocolate mousse. Key lime and strawberry are for me to taste. Vanilla, well, I think I could guess what that would taste like.

Key lime was on the sweeter side than tangy, but it was fluffy and yet decadent and delicious. I was disappointed when I finished that little tub. I can imagine buying like 20 tubs of these to fill a pie!

Well, or I can just sprinkle some crumbled graham crackers on top instead. Make yourself a mini upside down key lime mousse pie!

I feel the same about Strawberry Mousse too, making a reverse pie out of that. Strawberry one, however, was perfect in its sweetness. It tasted like someone just whipped up fresh strawberries into cream right then and there. Awesomeness!

Now, the final judgement hangs on Brandon. Will Mr. Picky like this mousse? I had the first bite and I thought it might just be too dark for him. But what do you know? Brandon proclaimed this the best store-bought chocolate mousse he's ever had.

While I would want the mousses in bigger containers, Brandon wanted them exactly the same size for portion control. The bigger the tub, the more we both are going to eat the mousse and that's not good for anyone.

Much like why I'm not allowed to bring home the Banana Crack Cream Pie unless we have company or we're taking it somewhere else, I'm not supposed to tell folks at F&E that we want the mousse in bigger containers. ;-)

Verdict: Chocolate, Key Lime, and Strawberry Mousses: Nirvana.

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Annette said...

We want the mousse in bigger containers!

But Brandon is right about portion control.