Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little help from your "Friends"

Forgot to bring your coupons? Forgot you even had coupons? Not going to be a problem at F&E any more, believers.

Say hello to the Friends of fresh&easy Reward Program.

Scan your card when you shop and earn points for every dollar you spend. Once you get to 500 points, you can convert them into cash and use the card like a gift card. Nothing to lose by adding one more card to your overstuffed wallet. ;-)

$1 = 1 point earned. 100 points earned = $1 cash.

Oh, but you CAN get bonus points too. Sign up and 250 points are pre-loaded!

Pick one up at the store. Scan it. And start saving. Everything is done online. No paperwork anywhere. Sweet deal, right?

ETA: Glitches in the zip code registration has been fixed. Enjoy the benefits!


Daniel J Philo said...

I ran into the same problem while trying to sign up for the Friends program. I'll send them an email as well.

Annette said...

I totally used this this past weekend, with just my phone number, and racked up 1000+ points! Be sure to load up those Bonus Points from the website before you go shopping. And it's double points until Thanksgiving.

bakingnotwriting said...

Hi! I found the friends site to be glitchy too but was finally able to set up my account and am looking forward to shopping at F & E on Sunday.
It's an hour drive for me but it's worth it! Here's a recent blog post I did about their pear gel -- one of their unique products that makes the drive worthwhile:

Valeria said...

This is awesome. I recently signed up for the card and I love it. I love the fact that they accept coupons I use them most of the time I have found some great ones on I always do my grocery shopping there and read reviews on your blog...great job!