Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm BACK!!! Thank You Fresh & Easy Express

Denizens of the Temple!

How's it hanging?! It's been awhile which I blame on the general inaccessibility of the nearest Fresh & Easy to my Fairfax District of Los Angeles abode. I mean, really, Hollywood Blvd? Underground parking lot? It is a nightmare.

Plus there is a Whole Foods one block away, the famous Los Angeles Farmer's Market across the street and four Trader Joe's within 2 miles. (Plus one being built at the end of my street, due to open in March 2012)

Still, I missed Fresh & Easy. Thought about heading to Hollywood Blvd many times, then remembered the nightmare parking (not to mention the traffic) and headed to Trader Joe's instead.

I have forsaken the Temple, I realize this.

So imagine how excited I was on Sunday night, when I was driving home from Oakley's birthday party and I saw the brand new Fresh & Easy Express at 1788 S. La Cienega Blvd.

Tonight I drove over there.

And spent $107 with the coupon for $5 off.

You have to work really hard to spend over $100 at Fresh and Easy.

Or you have to be suffering serious Fresh & Easy withdrawals.

I will have reviews of the many new products I bought tonight over the coming week.

What I can say now, is the store was pretty, with hardwood floors and an awesome coffee station. It is about 1/2 the size of a regular F&E store, but I didn't notice a ton of missing product. Certain favorites were not there, but whether that was because they don't stock them (Chicken Escalopes!), or they were out of them, who knows. I was there at 930pm and the F&E truck was outside, so... I don't know.


More soon!

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Sergio aka Trojanman said...

Love me some fresh n easy!!
Thanks Amy!!!