Monday, January 26, 2009

Sister Patty Reports: F&E Services

My friend Pat is a fan of F&E store. However, she's not big on the blogging thing. So instead, she would tell me her F&E tales to go tell the world. Like the incident with the fresh fettucine.

Sister Patty would like me to tell the world today that F&E service is, well, awesome.

First, it starts with a bad chicken.

Yep. Bad, stinky chicken that went bad a few days ahead of the expiration date on the packaging. Patty and her mom bought a whole organic chicken on Saturday, and when her mom got it out of the bag on Monday evening, the chicken obviously had gone bad.

So Patty called her La Habra Store. The manager told her to just toss the chicken but if she could bring the tag and the receipt back, they would gladly give her a new chicken.

However, the chicken that were left had the same expiration date as the bad one. Patty would rather have her refund at this point. But the manager asked her to wait for a minute, went back to the storage, and emerged with a chicken with the expiration date many days later.

Sister Patty says hallelujah to that kind of service!

Now, Sister Patty and her mom shop at their F&E on a regular basis and had gotten to know the lady at the Kitchen Table, the product sampling corner of the store. It was always the same lady at the Kitchen Table who is always happy to let the ladies sample stuff.

She even asked if the ladies would like to try ANYTHING in the store. Just bring it and she'll let them try. Sister Patty thought it was awesome that she offers, but they never took her up on it.

So I told her about the tweet from @fresh_and_easy today, "Reminder -- if you want to try out some food, take a package up to the Kitchen Table. We will open it and sample it for you right there!"

It's not just people being nice, but it's an F&E thing! I didn't know that before. And neither did Sister Patty! I mean, who else would let you taste their foods?!

For that, Sister Patty and I say hallelujah to that!

And finally, Sister Patty also got to meet with one of the F&E executives at one of the events. At the mention that she shops at the store, the exec starts asking questions. Where do you shop? What's your favorite product? How's your experience so far? They went on for a good few minutes before the meeting commenced.

She expected that it was going to be a small talk, but it turned into an on the spot, private focus group. A high level executive is standing here, talking to her about what SHE think about the store and actually cares about what she says?

Sister Patty says the final hallelujah to that!

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