Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bag this

You guys would've thought it's all praise for F&E here at the Temple. Oh no, darlings. As much as we love F&E, much like any relationships, there are things that drive us bonkers about our loved ones.

One thing we like about F&E self check-out stand was that there is an option of "I'm using my own bag" so the weight of the bag is calculated into the scale. We had massive issue with using our own bags at the self check-out at Ralphs.

However, we went a few pieces over the "15 or less" limit and using 2 bags. The first time machine called for assistance, we figured because we introduced the second bag. Fine. He cleared it and we continued checking out.

We were down to ONE item when it freaked out completely. We can't even pay for the rest of the stuff. One item left, y'all. One. Little. Fruit thing.

At this point, our one man show of F&E staff was assisting someone else with scanning her groceries over at the other end.

Behind us at the other 15-or-less station, a middle aged lady was getting cranky because she needed to be carded for her wine.

"I'm 65 years old and I can't buy my own booze? What's wrong with this picture?" She was getting increasingly frustrated, especially because there was no other F&E employees to help her out.

Good god lady, did you miss a step in your program or something? But anyway.

Our Lone F&E Ranger returned to help the lush and then had to reset our machine so we can add one more thing and pay.

"Yeah, that's why there's a limit of 15 items on this station. Once the weight goes over, the scale kind of freaked out," he said.

The machine works beautifully for us most days. It just got a hell of a day to flip the hell out as almost all of the stations were being used and only one guy running the front of the shop. Frustration for all at the Valentine's Day home cook dinner rush, I suppose.

Speaking of Valentine's Day dinner rush, with the 1 lb. cube steaks, 2 potatoes and a half gallon of milk I got from F&E, I made my first Chicken Fried Steak. Got a little bit of grizzle in my meat but I think next time I know how to spot it.

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