Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coupon Lover's Lament

O F&E Coupons, wherefore art thou?

Deny thy users and refuse thy friends;
If thou wilt not return forth, my love
And I'll no longer be a shopper.

That's the prayer we have been hearing around the Temple these days. A prayer for the glorious return to the F&E coupons. Some of us miss the in-store coupons. And some question the minuscule discount offered through mail and email.

A while ago F&E had a deal that when you sign up for the e-newsletter, you'd get a coupon to get a free canvas bag. An F&E devotee misunderstood the deal, thinking she was supposed to get a DISCOUNT coupon. So she emailed F&E office about that and also that she has missed the in-store coupons. Here's the answer.

Thank you for your note and we are glad you have added fresh&easy to your shopping trips! The promotional coupons have come to a close. We will offer another promotion soon.

While the Devotee still loves to shop at F&E, that little sparks of joy that are the store coupons handed out randomly by the staff are now gone. And she misses that.

And frankly, so do I. It's like you won the lottery or something when the staff turned around and presented you with some coupons.

Another friend reacted to the recent coupon included in the e-newsletter:

But, this is only 10% off!! I like the other coupon that gave me 25% off. Trust me I’ll take whatever I can get, but now I have to spend more to get less!! That’s just not right. You should write to them.

And one more:

The coupons in the mail are so much better. Well, anything is better than nothing. If only they would bring back the bay shrimp louie...

At least these ladies still get their coupons in the mail. That's something I, on the wrong side of the freeway, do not get.

My beef on the lack of in-store coupon is that it was the only place I could get them. Living in a city without an F&E store, I get ditty in the mail. My friends across the freeway in Long Beach get theirs.

I understand it's probably the zoning but F&E peeps should take note that us folks who are straddling the border of Long Beach and Los Alamitos do cross back to the Spring Street store to shop. And we're sitting here with nothing in our mail. I wonder if we'd get anything if/once the Cypress store opens.

In the meantime, the Priestesses of the Temple and our devotees will continue to pray for the Return of In-Store/Deeper Discount Coupons.

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Amy Lamare said...

SRSLY. When they were handing out coupons, I didn't have the money to spend enough to use them. Now that I'm spending real money in there every week, no coupons. In this economy, I think that blows.