Friday, February 27, 2009

Review: Chicken Breast in Creamy Tomato Sauce

My friends,

I love the F&E as you all know. The number of truly delicious meals I've made solely from their stock is staggering.

But I have to say it, I hate hate hate microwaved chicken. It just doesn't taste right. So why then, is the F&E brand Chicken Breast in Creamy Tomato Sauce (to be tossed w pasta) a microwave only dish? Perhaps I need to buck the instructions and just heat it up in my favorite magical saute pan. (It is magical because only delicious meals come out of it.)

I've bought the F&E brand Chicken Breast in Creamy Tomato Sauce three times now. And I have to say: MEH. It is bland and tasteless and the chicken is awful. I think if it were able to be heat up in a saute pan and spices added to it, then this review might end differently. I do have one more of these in the freezer and will definitely heat in the saute pan next time.

For now though, I have to say:

F&E brand Chicken Breast in Creamy Tomato Sauce
Verdict: Hell


Anonymous said...

I dont think you should put the pre-made meals in the freezer. That might be why you dont like that chicken. Although I agree on this sauce being a little bland.

Hugo G said...

Using the freezer might be part of the problem. Fresh & easy definitely makes its products to be consumed within a 7-10 timeframe.

I tried the pasta with creamy tomato sauce and found it to be delightful for light lunch. In fact, if you put some parm cheese on top, and toss in some cherry tomatoes, it balances out the subtle creamy sauce.